WordPress is awesome!  SO many companies are using it and it is the most flexible and functional method of building a website.  Kay will build a site for you if that is what you require, but lots of people actually would rather learn the skills so that they can build and maintain it.  Kay was a classroom Trainer for over 10 years and so teaching people in a non threatening hands on style is her forte.  If you would like to come on a course and walk away with a fully functioning website then this is just for you!


Facebook is the place to be! And no not to tell people about your weekend antics or what you are having for dinner!  Facebook is the current place to publiscise your business.  You can use it for free or for paid adverts in a totally targetted way that you simply can’t with any other tool.  Facebook collects so much data about its users that you can utilise to fine tune your adverts so that all of your advertising spend is specifically spent on people that are most likely to buy from you.  With any advertising it is all about monitoring the results and tweaking until you get the best results.  Kay can teach you all of these skills and more.

Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are not all about PowerPoint! What you present is obviously important but how you present it is vitally important as well.  Did you know that when a survey was done, 75% of people would rather die than present in front of a room full of people! So a large part is dealing with the performance anxiety of the presentation, even more than the subject matter or content of what you are saying.  Kay has extensive experience of presenting to small and large groups and also has the skills to teach you both the content production and also how to perform to your peak on stage.

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