Am I mad?

So why am I sitting in a Marriott Hotel at 6am on a Thursday morning?  Yep I ask the same thing, and even more relevant - why did my alarm go off at 5am so that I could be here for 6am!  I'm self employed so I should be living the life of Riley shouldn't I? Long...

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Are self build websites any good?

So many times I get asked this question.  I have to speak as I find and in fact they are not all bad.  It's all about horses for courses in my opinion.  If you have the time and the inclination to build your own site then for some people they are just the thing they...

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Connecting your blog to FaceBook and Twitter

Yesterday I told you about the fact that now that I have finally started blogging, I also connected Facebook and Twitter so that when I create a post, it automatically updates both of these Social Media channels.  Hopefully this is the type of thing that I can post to...

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Day 2 – well this is a novelty!

OK so it's day 2 and yes I am here again.  This will not last I know, it's just a novelty right now that finally I have found my 'Authentic Voice'.  I was discussing this with my Business Coach, Mandie Holgate on Monday.  I had a block and she put a mirror in front of...

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The Anti Blog!

Ok ok I hate the thought of blogging! I admit it! It just makes me feel cold inside.  But of course I recommend it to all of my friends and clients.  Yes I see the irony too!  Oh and yes I overuse exclamation marks I know that too! So why the hell am I doing it now?...

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Evelyn Kilara - Sharon Phillips Recruitment

It was my luck that I came across My Business Mum through my accountant who spoke very highly of Kay and recommended I tried her.  The asking price is the price of a KFC for access to lovely designs. Some of the sites that Kay has done are absolutely stunning, with responsive design perfect for mobile browsing. It makes me smile each time I click over it. And because it’s designed flexible, I can update it super easily whenever I want. Best of all, Kay and her team are very friendly, helpful and are on standby to answer any query you may have.  My Business Mum is the best to speed up your web development. I strongly recommend her - Wow!!

Jennie Thornton - Moving Forward

Kay takes the pain right out of creating a website and website design. Knowing nothing about the  process, with Kay's expertise, I had a very professional and detailed site up and running in no time.  Kay is patient and while offering her advice on the best course of action and design, takes on  board what you want and implements it accordingly. Kay is absolutely great value for money too.  Thank you Kay.

Lex McKee - Wealthbuilders

Kay Westrap is quite likely to be the most efficient and conscientious professional I know. Her proactive sense of accountability and her entrepreneurial skills in asking the right question and lifting the level of the performance of our projects to a higher level are of the highest value to me. I recommend Kay to anyone who wants to develop a cutting-edge solution whilst enjoying a professional and friendly working relationship with a true gem.

Jo Hunt - Oils by Jo

I was delighted with how my website turned out thanks to Kay. She was professional and helpful throughout. I would recommend anyone to use her professional services.

Dr. Mark Chambers - MC Training

Kay is indispensable as my Business Mum.  She brings her years of experience in the commercial world and her technical expertise together to produce elegant and effective solutions quickly and with deceptive ease. Add to this a seemingly inexhaustible reservoir if patience and a keen sense of humour and you have a combination which delivers the business solutions you need, where and when you need them, leaving you able to get on with what you do best with confidence.

Mark Hewitt - Trueman Brown Accountants

Kay prepared a very professional website for me at a very reasonable cost. Highly recommended!

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