Ok ok I hate the thought of blogging! I admit it! It just makes me feel cold inside.  But of course I recommend it to all of my friends and clients.  Yes I see the irony too!  Oh and yes I overuse exclamation marks I know that too!

So why the hell am I doing it now?  Why am I finally doing it?  Well I have been told to get over myself! And that is exactly what I have to do.  We all have hang ups.  I am not immune from those crappy things your carry with you from childhood that limit you.  The stories that you believe simply because someone told you, you were or were not able to do something.  Or in my case that if you told people about your success you were arrogant and were bragging.  So all my life I have hid my light under a bushell (for anyone in this generation, just read hid!) and let the world find out that I am a) a good person and b) damn good at what I do, themselves and organically.  I have always believed that if you have to blow your own trumpet that your a crap trumpetter! (is there such a word?).  What happened was I was conditioned to be subservient.  To lessen myself and not to be proud and ‘out there’.  SO today is the day that little Kay walked away from that crap and walked proudly on to centre stage and took back my place in the limelight!

So I am here to say I am damn proud of who I am, what I have achieved and what I do for others.

I am also immensely grateful for the wonderful people in my life and the gifts that I have and know that without the support of those that I love I would be nothing.

Hello World – welcome to Kay Westrap – day 1 🙂

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