So many times I get asked this question.  I have to speak as I find and in fact they are not all bad.  It’s all about horses for courses in my opinion.  If you have the time and the inclination to build your own site then for some people they are just the thing they need.  The thing I see again and again is that these builders seem cheap or affordable but actually they are far from it.  The costs go on monthly and so the long term costs are far in excess of what it would cost to have a site built.

The other thing that bothers me is that if for any reason you out grow the builder or it does not give the functionality that you need and you want or need to move away, the costs to do this are huge.  One client was charged £2500! When you think that a domain costs around £10 for 2 years – that is unreasonable beyond all reckoning.

There is often limited functionality, limited space, limited image choices and limited design options.  They say you pay for what you get but in this case you are paying but not getting!

So I would never tell someone not to use a particular solution if they feel that works for them – I would just say look at what you are getting for your money and be aware of the limitations.

I’m always happy to advise on forums and Facebook if you have any questions and will give honest impartial advice whether you become a valued client of mine or not!



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