OK so it’s day 2 and yes I am here again.  This will not last I know, it’s just a novelty right now that finally I have found my ‘Authentic Voice’.  I was discussing this with my Business Coach, Mandie Holgate on Monday.  I had a block and she put a mirror in front of me and asked me what i was going to take to get me to share who I am and what I know with the people I care about (you)?  Of course that was just to do it and stop making excuses and living in someone else’s past.  The things that debilitated me were part of someone else’s dialog about me that was simply not true.  I have always known that, but how difficult is it to cast that limiting belief of and walk free – 52 years difficult is the answer for me!

Anyway I am really excited also as I have just done some jiggery pokery and got my blog to update my facebook page and also my twitter when I post this.  So this is also a huge step forward for me as finally I will be in dialog with the world and opening the windows to my soul.  Boy does it need some fresh air in here!

Love ya!


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